Tuesday, August 10, 2010

last saturday and its raining

"Sometimes I wish I knew how to go crazy. I forget how."
—A Scanner Darkly (Philip K. Dick)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mindf*ck you!

A piece I did for the FHM Philippines website. Its a accompanying illustration for their "10 Mindf*ck Movies" article. http://www.fhm.com.ph/entertainment/movies-dvd/article/3356

Illustration: Copyright © FHM Philippines


"...I found gold in the Philippines." —Steven Seagal (Tanduay Gold Rum commercial)

I'm not really into artifacts but I enjoyed the exhibit "Gold of Ancestors: Pre-colonial Treasures in the Philippines" at Ayala Museum. I was amazed by the scope of the pieces exhibited. I love the various gold funeral mask on display, its creepy and beautiful at the same time (somehow they reminded me of Dave Mckeans' work).

Taking pictures is forbidden...so yeah, that shitty drawing that I did after the visit is the only remembrance I really have.

Photo: Funerary Mask,
Copyright © Ayala Museum

Polite Club

"...you do not talk about Polite Club!"
—1st rule of Polite Club

The world needs more polite people...so join us now!

Copyright © Frantz Arno Salvador